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Delay, Efya, Pappy Kojo & Captain Planet reacts to the trending ‘Benin’ on Twitter


Benin has been trending on Twitter for the whole day. Ghanaians are sharing the sentiments fraudsters go through in the shrines located within the country in the quest to make quick money.

Benin is one of the hubs for internet fraudsters. Many troops in the African country to perform black magic on their white ‘clients’ to enable them to pay cash as commanded by them.

Following the day-long trend, Delay, Efya, Pappy Kojo and Captain Planet reacted to it.

Delay wrote:

What’s happening in Benin???

Captain Planet wrote:

My wife is going to Benin to work there as CEO of MTN & i will be there every month that’s the reason why i was asking what’s happening in benin when i saw benin trending.

Efya wrote:

Why is Benin Trending..See-no-evil monkey

Pappy Kojo wrote:

I think if Ghanaians knew we have real ny3n in Ghana they wouldn’t bother going all the way to Benin

See The Screenshots Below:

Screenshot 20200708 222410 Screenshot 20200708 222346

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians also shared their views as captured below:


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