In the books of D-Black’s signed singer, Nina Ricchie having a big bakka that shakes when you walk and a flat tummy to go with it is something that is the envy of a lot of ladies in the country.

As a part of the many fine ladies and gents who embarked on D-Black’s ‘Tropical Fiesta’ fun trip to the Maaha Beach Resort located in Axim, Nina Ricchie in a video we have seen online was spotted all the ladies who lack big backs and flat tummies.

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According to her, a lot of unknown ladies were wishing that they have the type of body she acquired through surgery but they can never have it.

She also added that getting her kind of [email protected] body does not come easy because one will need a lot of money, emphasing that those who don’t have money should stay home.

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“You guys were wishing you had this but you can’t. Big nyash, small waist and flat tummy…if you dont have money, stay home”, she was heard saying in the video.

Well, after dropping the shade for the ladies she decided to direct her stray bullets to, Nina also capped it by intentionally shaking what she spent money to get.

Watch the video below


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