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D Black Finally Speaks On His Leaked Video – Tells More Secretes About The Video On Okay Fm

Ghanaian rapper, D Black breaks silence on his video with Adrienne Nicole that caused a massive stir on the internet.

Rapper D Black on September 17 became a household name especially across all social media platforms.

The rapper first trended after he was ‘deceived’ by Dr UN to receive a fake Kofi Annan-UN Global Award immediately after his return from the States when the lockdown was over and airports were opened.

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Shortly after his Dr UN trend comes a bedroom video he had with his ex-lover, Adrienne Nicole.

The video circulated online and had many numerous reactions from Ghanaian social media users with some blaming him for his own actions.

Others also revealed that he intentionally released it to promote his new song with Medikal dubbed ‘Falaa’.

According to Adrienne Nicole, the lady in D Black’s viral video, she was possessing the video on her phone but unfortunately for her, her phone got missing the person who found it tried severally to blackmail her with the video, reported when D Black first dropped his reaction to his leaked tape, he was seen on the football field with his team exhibiting his soccer prowess. Interesting enough, he scored a goal in a penalty shoot,

On Okay Fm, rapper was asked to address his video and he revealed more about it however he stated that he was moved by the negativity about him.

Watch his interview below:

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