Couple Commits Suicide 696x392
Couple commits suicide after their tribes prevented them from marrying | See Photos

Tribalism is doing more harm to many Africans than the world cares to know. A couple has just lost their lives because of tribalism.

The couple who have been dating for 6 years were prevented from marrying by their family because of their tribal differences.

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In a suicide note left behind after the couple took in a sniper (deadly medicine use to kill rodents), they blamed their tribes for their death.

They both hail from Anambra State in Nigeria but belong to different tribes. Against tradition, they fell in love with each other.

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Although they knew the custom, they disregarded it and dated for 6 years until they were ready to marry.

All plans have been made according to the couple and the couple has planned their future but their family and tribes said no.

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They were told the marriage won’t be permitted on tribal grounds. They fought all they can but they were resisted by their families.

They took refuge in death and committed suicide leaving a message for their families who prevented them from marrying.

Read their note below

Couple Commits Suicide 1

Couple Commits Suicide 2

Couple Commits Suicide 696x392


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