Cecilia Marfo Replies Kennedy Agyapong After He Said She’s Spits In People’s Mouth In The Name Of Healing Them

Gospel Singer now prophetess Cecilia Marfo has finally replied Honorable Kennedy Agyapong after he revealed that the gospel singer spits in people’s mouth in the name of healing them.

On Monday during “The Seat” show, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong revealed that he had information on Cecilia Marfo and some of the disgusting things she has been doing in her church.

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According to Kennedy Agyapong, she spits in people’s mouth and beats them in the name of healing them.

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong warned her to stop such disgusting acts or else she will be next person, he’ll disclose her secrets.

Well, in a radio interview Cecilia Marfo replied Kennedy Agyapong saying that she is not senseless as some people claim she is.

According to her, all the spitting in people’s mouth and beating people in the name of healing them is a direction from God.

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She said;

“I am not stupid as he may think and will do whatever comes into my mind, I was only following the directions and commandments from my father Jesus Christ”.

By this, she’s simply implying that spitting in the mouth of people is also one of the directions she receives from God.

Well, let’s keep our fingers clenched to see what Ken Agyapong will tell her.



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