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Boyfriend Shatta, ends girlfriend Juliet’s life after another guy bought a phone for her.

It is alleged that the said victim Juliet Obu is a twin dating a guy called Shatta and they had a disagreement after a different guy bought her a phone, Camon 15.

The said Shatta destroyed the phone and that begun the menace. He promised to buy her an iPhone as a replacement to the spoilt one.

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Viewers discretion. The video below contains graphic content.

The jealous boyfriend stabbed and cut her at several places around 9:00pm — making her to bleed profusely leading to her death.

The Police led by Mawuli has taken the dead body to the Police Mortuary in Accra.

The investigators are still searching for the assailants. The suspect is calling a close friend of Juliet Obu, claiming he was arrested by two guys around the Doryumu Cementary.


The suspect is yet to be as arrested, the police Service at Shai Hills precisely Doryumu. The suspect is still in communication with the best of Juliet, wanting to meet her. The Police are working in hand to bring the culprit to book.

It is alleged that Juliet is the 13th victim, to be slaughtered by Shatta, the fiancée.


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