70yrs Old Indian Priest Arrested For Beheading A 52 yrs Old Man As A Sacrifice To End Coronavirus

An Indian resident and a priest “Sansari Ojha” of Bandhahuda area in Odisha, has been arrested by Narasinghpur police command for severing off the head of a 52 years old man ” Saroj Kumar Pradhan” with an axe, to put an end to novel coronavirus pandemic in India.

According to the reports, the 70 years old convict took this deadly act, after smoking marijuana and claimed to behead the deceased in Brahmani Devi Temple’s shrine, was an order from the gods to help curb the spread of the disease, hence, cutting off the head of the victim after a scuffle to execute the directions of the gods.

Ashish Kumar Singh ” Detective at Narasinghpur police command” explained that the convict was not in a stable state, as he took that dangerous act in a drunk and coded state, and capitulated himself to the police after became stable.

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“The priest claimed that he saw a goddess in his dream and was asked to sacrifice a human’s life to bring an end to coronavirus. 

“Hence, to appease the goddess, he decapitated the man,”

Alok Ranjan Ray, Athagarh sub-divisional police officer explained to Gulf News

The police have indicated that thorough investigation on this issue would be done to rule out all culprits involved and his accomplices that were in the practice of Marijuana Smoking.

This sad incident has got people talking as the action of the priest towards his roommate has taken hem by surprise. One social activist in the area stated that he never knew some people can still be cruel and violent and he pleaded that, the law takes in this case for justice to prevail.

It was further indicated that the accused has an argument with the deceased in the village of  Bandhahuda over a  mango orchard where access to it has been denied due to the restrictions imposed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

See photo of the man below


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