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5 Weird But Healthy Foods You Should Know About

To be quite honest, I was shocked when I saw some of the foods on this list.

In as much as it may never cross your mind to get foods like these, they really are healthy and for “shege” reasons, we think you should try them.

1. Hemp Milk

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I’ll bet you didn’t know you could get milk from hemp. This nutritious drink is great at breakfast or as a mid-day pick me up. Hemp milk is chock full of goodies like omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, and vitamins. Try a glass of this delicious beverage as an alternative to milk or use it with your morning cereal. Either way it’s a great dairy alternative, plus it’s vegan friendly and great for those who suffer from dairy allergy or intolerance. It also contains more calcium than dairy milk. (Source:

2. Grasshoppers

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It might seem strange to you but some Ghanaians actually find it a delicacy. Once they are found, they are either fried, salted, sun-dried and eaten.

Grasshoppers pack an awesome protein punch and are also high in vitamin A and C, as well as calcium, iron, omega-3s, and B12. (Source:

3. Black Pudding

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Black pudding (or blood pudding as it’s often called) is exactly as it sounds…and even though it might not sound very appetizing, this food contains a bounty of nutrition. Black pudding is made from the dried blood of pigs and cows. This English delicacy tastes very similar to sausage. It is rich in protein and contains an easily absorbed type of iron called “heme”. This particular food is particularly good for people suffering from anemia. (Source:

4. Kimchi

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One serving of this fermented cabbage contains a full days worth of Vitamin C, as well as carotene and dietary fiber. But one of the highest benefits could be the healthy bacteria that aid digestion. (Source:

5. Gummy worms

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Gummy worms are recommended to improve your belly ache, joint pain, allergies, food sensitivities, and even acne! It’s actually the gelatin in them that makes this a powerhouse snack with tons of health and beauty benefits. It is made from grass-fed beef gelatin mixed with powdered vitamin C. Pour it into a worm-shaped silicone mold and you’ve got candy-like creation that helps with both wrinkles and hormone imbalances. (Source:



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